About Us

Join us And Embark on New Adventures

17SIXTY is home to a portfolio of best-in-class marine activities and experiences led by water sports professionals sourced both locally & from around the world.
With sustainability and excellence in water safety underpinning all activities in and around the water, we will set a new standard not only for the region, but the World.
17SIXTY will own and operate multiple marine destinations along the Red Sea coastline; and will deliver a range of unique experiences tailored to each specific location and ensure that the aura and appeal of the ‘Saudi Riviera’ grows with every step.
17SIXTY will lead the marine sector in the Red Sea, driving investment and maintaining the highest level of service, while creating opportunities in line with the objectives of Vision 2030


Our vision is to have a sustained healthy marine eco-system surrounded by an educated, aware, and responsible community for generations and generations to explore and enjoy.


Our mission is to Educate, Entertain, and Build Awareness.
Through our Centers, we will help create a community of professionals in the marine industry to serve both in the tourism and marine industries. We thrive to Entertain and will do that through our unique experiences that have been carefully thought of. Our commitment towards building awareness in the community is commendable, we do that in our Centers and Experiences by emphasizing on the importance of sustaining, maintaining, and preserving the wonderful marine life of the Red Sea


17SIXTY is bringing in industry leaders to lay the framework for the future, with the goal of delivering best in-class services to nurture and provide opportunity for local talent.