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Best Yacht Charter Trip In Jeddah

Discover the Red Sea’s beauty aboard our luxurious Yachts and embark on our exclusive trips to explore the underwater world. We offer you unparalleled luxury charter experience, featuring a fleet of state-of-the-art Yachts. We assure you a best yacht charter in Jeddah whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a memorable day out.

We invite you to experience an unparalleled adventure aboard our state-of-the-art yachts, designed to meet and exceed your expectations and suitable for explorers seeking the extraordinary. Our dedicated team ensures every detail is perfect, from expert guidance to personalised experiences.

Toys & Services, Elevate Your

Yacht Charter Trip

Transform your Yacht Charter trip into an extraordinary adventure with our selection of exciting add-ons. Craft unforgettable memories by exploring the crystal-clear waters in a kayak, indulging in exhilarating rides on a Fun Air Inflatable, or propelling yourself through the underwater world with a Seabob. Additionally, enhance your underwater encounters with our snorkelling and diving equipment allowing you to explore the vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life at your own pace.
To further enhance your experience, we offer additional services to ensure unforgettable memories. Capture the magic of your trip with our professional photographer, who will document your yachting moments in stunning detail. Also, you can explore breathtaking underwater landscapes with our snorkelling and scuba diving guides, who will lead you through stunning landscapes of Red Sea and ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout your exploration.

Yacht & Charter

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of Yacht Charters


A sleek Italian design meets unparalleled performance. Experience the ultimate luxury cruising.


Ideal for large groups seeking comfort and adventure. Azure is the perfect yacht for a beautiful day out in The Red Sea.


Explore our Xu Nata yacht, a perfect vessel for your diving and shark cage adventures. Sail across the Red Sea in a beautiful catamaran.

Boats & SpeedBoats

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Boats and Speedboats


Embrace adrenaline and luxury in our AXOPAR X BRABUS speed boats, a high-performance masterpiece that combines the best of adventure and luxury.


Experience timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort on our LALEENA yachts, a classic speed boats that embodies the epitome of luxury.


Explore our stylish and elegant jet boat designed for day-cruising, watersports, and unique experiences to enjoy in the Red Sea


Our Searay SPX21 is a versatile speedboat perfect for day trips and enjoying shallow areas and pristine blue lagoon

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