Jeddah Yacht Club & Marina

Jeddah Yacht Club & Marina

Where Is Jeddah Yacht Club?

Jeddah Yacht Club is the first club of its kind on Saudi’s west coast. It is a boat-lover’s paradise with endless options for exploration in and out of the water. Whether you are a seaside newbie or a seasoned yacht owner, Jeddah Yacht Club is the perfect place to spot spectacular yachts and stroll the scenic marina. We offer parasailing in Jeddah Yacht Club & Marina, making us the pioneers for this activity in Jeddah.

Breathtaking Views Of Jeddah's Stunning Coastline.

Our parasailing experience at Jeddah Yacht Club & Marina sets itself apart by combining an exhilarating experience with top-notch safety measures. Our team prioritises your safety above all else, allowing you to fully embrace the exhilarating joy of parasailing without a single worry. As you soar high above the turquoise waters of Jeddah, you’ll quickly understand why this activity is considered one of the best activities in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
This vibrant waterfront destination welcomes everyone! Enjoy the fancy boats and exciting activities at Jeddah Yacht Club & Marina. You can experience the adventure of a lifetime by flying above the waves with an exhilarating parasailing adventure. That’s not it, you can indulge in a delicious meal and explore the expansive 122,000-square-metre complex, accommodating yachts of all sizes.