Shark Dive Experience - Scuba Diving with Whale Sharks in Jeddah


Shark Dive Experience

Shark Dive Experience

Experience Shark Diving In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dive with mesmerizing creatures of the Red Sea. You can experience one of the most stunning shark species up close as you begin this unforgettable adventure. We promise you an experience to remember as you come face to face with the Red Sea’s most majestic shark species. 17SIXTY stands out as the sole provider of the Shark Dive Experience in Jeddah.

Duration Of Trip

6 Hours

Price Range

750 SAR/ Per Person

Min - Max Guest Booking

01 – 06


Durrat Al Arous



Diving Certificate

Open Water


Dive with the Red Sea's Majestic Sharks

Dive into the depths of the Red Sea and witness its mesmerising creatures up close. You can encounter some of the most stunning shark species in their natural habitat, promising an unforgettable adventure.
Our experienced team provides expert guidance and safety measures throughout your encounter so you can observe these magnificent creatures in their natural environment, creating memories that will last a lifetime. We offer not just a thrilling journey but an educational journey into the heart of the Red Sea’s marine ecosystem.

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