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Water Sports

Exclusive Watersports Trip

If you’re a water sports enthusiast and would like to enjoy an hour of being in the water with your family and loved ones, you can book an exclusive watersports trip and speed up the progress! BOOK your exclusive trip now!

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Learn how to wakeboard for the very first time or increase your airtime and fine tune your tricks with our professional wakeboard instructors aboard our state-of-the-art Malibu wake boat.
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Like wakeboarding but you let go of the handlebar and feel the freedom of just surfing the wake created by the wake boat. Learn the basics and surf the wake for the first time or play around in the wave learning how to do sharper turns and 360 pivots or pop shuvits.
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Water Skiing is very accessible to everyone and easier to learn than wakeboarding. Learn to get up quickly and enjoy higher cruising speeds than you usually would while wakeboarding.
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Monoskiing is an adrenaline pumping experience where you can go at super high speeds exceeding 30 knots. Enjoy carving those deep curves at high speeds, training for slalom or just free riding.
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Whether you’re in a workout mode or would prefer a cruise while waiting for the sunset, our see-through kayaks will give you the best of both worlds.
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Stand up paddleboarding or “SUP” lets you test your balance and strengthen your core. Standing above the water provides a unique perspective of everything beneath the surface of the water. If performed correctly it can also be a full body workout.
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Ride Along

Jetski Sessions

Jetskis are one of the most fun and exhilarating watercrafts you can ride because of their extreme acceleration and maneuverability in the water. Get on one of our brand-new Sea Doo Jetskis and feel the adrenaline of their 300 horsepower Rotax engine. You will learn all the basics you need to operate a Jetski safely from one of our experienced instructors.
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Exclusive Towables Trip

Grab your friends and zoom across the crystalline waters of Saudi Arabia’s west coast for the adrenaline rush of your life. Nothing will compare to the exhilaration of hurtling over waves and racing through the surf as you are whipped around the Red Sea. Slipping, sliding, and splashing are all guaranteed, but who can hold on the longest? Book your 1-hour exclusive trip now!
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Get on the famous Banana towable with up to 8 people at a time. Hold on with your friends for as long as you can while the banana skips on the waves.
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Get on the Rodeo towable 3 people at a time and hold on for dear life while the Rodeo skips on the waves and sometimes even brings you flying up in the air.
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This 2-person towable is a real thrill seekers favorite, enjoy with one of your friends while you get towed by one of our state-of-the-art speed boats. Book now and create some memories!
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Have the time of your life with your friends and loved ones on this mini-banana ride called the Chaser. You can hold on tight to the straps as the handles are wrapped in nylon and enjoy a last-man-standing challenge! Book this amazing towable now!
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Have a great time on this special tube and rip across the waves while trying to hold on until your grip can no longer take it. Enjoy the moment of flipping and skipping on the water before you settle into the water and have a giggle before going on again! Don’t miss out and book now!
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Don’t miss out on the aquatic adventure of a lifetime. Dive into the extraordinary with 17sixty, your ultimate destination for water sports activities in Jeddah. Book your session now and let the waves of excitement carry you away!