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Water Activities

Experience The Best Water Activities
In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Experience the splashing joy and Ride the waves on one of our latest model Jet Skis, or bring your friends and family along for an enjoyable ride on one of our inflatable towable rides. If you are a thrill-seeker or just looking for a relaxing day on the water, we have something for everyone. You ride the waves on our powerful Jet Ski, or bring your friends and family along for the ride on our Inflatables.

Experience The Thrill Of Jet Skis And
The Best Water Sport Activities in Jeddah

Our water activities in Jeddah are perfect for all ages and skill levels. Our team ensures that safety always comes first. Experience adrenaline rush as you hold on tight to a thrilling Inflatable ride, bouncing, dipping, and laughing your way across the wave. For all thrill seekers, join us now and take the challenge of trying wakeboarding or wake surfing on one of our specialized water sports boats.


Explore the best water
activities in Jeddah


Experience the thrill and feel the rush of the wind as you ride one of our Jet skis through the sparkling waves. We provide you with the thrill of a lifetime while enjoying the stunning coastal views of Saudi Arabia

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Inflatable Rides

Feel the thrill and excitement of our inflatable rides in Jeddah like never before. From the famous Banana ride to the heart-pounding Rodeo. Don’t miss the last-man-standing excitement of the Chaser (mini-banana) ride.

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Water Sports

Experience the world of excitement as you explore our water sports activities in Jeddah. Challenge yourself when trying Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Monoskiing and Wakessurfing.

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