La Mer Beach

La Mer Beach

Where Is La Mer Beach ?

La Mer Beach is located on the beautiful coast of Jeddah, and specifically In North Obhur. It is more than just a beach resort, it is your gateway to an unforgettable journey beneath the waves, offering a haven for both seasoned divers and curious beginners. If you’re a seasoned diver seeking thrilling underwater exploration or a sun-seeker yearning for relaxation on pristine beaches, La Mer offers the perfect blend of both. It’s your gateway to explore the Red Sea, Jeddah.


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At La Mer you can explore our diverse range of courses, access passes, and diving sessions, catering to both experienced divers and curious beginners. La Mer Beach offers the perfect program to unlock the wonders of the Red Sea. Dive deep into the vibrant coral reefs and encounter the diverse marine life with our expert instructors!