PADI Diving Courses

PADI Scuba Diving Courses In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Explore the underwater world beneath the Red Sea.Whether you’re a diving enthusiast or just curious about what lies beneath, our comprehensive PADI Scuba and Freediving courses has something for everyone.

We offer a Discover Scuba Diving course, a safe and introductory experience led by our certified instructors. Expand your journey with the Open Water Diver course enables to have  the skills and knowledge for independent dives (Always with a Buddy!). Not just that, we offer Advanced and Rescue Diver courses for experienced divers looking to refine their skills. Also our Dive master program prepares you to guide others and manage dive operations.

If you are looking for a unique underwater experience, explore the world of Freediving. Our Level 1, 2, and 3 courses progressively develop your breath-holding techniques, diving depth, and awareness, allowing you to connect with the underwater world in a unique way.


3 Days
7 Days

Price Range

SAR 1550
SAR 2700


09 Years


La Mer Beach & Resort




Discovery Scuba Diving
Open Water Diving
Advanced Diving
Rescue Diving
Dive Master
Freediving Lvl 1
Freediving Lvl 2
Freediving Lvl 3

Best Diving Experience In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Our dive centre, located at La Mer Beach, we believe your dive experience extends beyond the water. We offer a comprehensive range of facilities to ensure your comfort, safety, and learning are prioritised from the moment you arrive.Furthermore, our highly trained and experienced instructors, passionate about diving in all its forms. We are dedicated to providing you with personalised guidance and support throughout your journey.
We have state-of-the-art facilities, including meticulously serviced well maintained compressors, spacious and well-equipped classrooms for interactive learning, and a dedicated emergency room for peace of mind. You can also stay fueled and hydrated with our on-site food & beverage options.


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Amphicruiser (Durrah)


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